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21st Century Education at Palmview

Principal Barry Dittman was our speaker this week, on the amazing new school at Palmview. Barry and his team have received an amazing infrastructure and and are busy building a strong culture ayt Palmview. "All we need now is a road" as development is ahead of access says Barry. Seriously an amazing school and community infrastructure is taking place in Palmview with the latest technology, and learning and sporting facilities. They are in good hands with Barry at the helm. 
Barry is well known to Alex Rotary as previous Principal of Maroochydore SHS where Rotary does some great work with mock interviews and more through our connections with The Smith Family. 

Palmview is one of 4 Newest Secondary Colleges that Queensland State education has built to cater for the exponential growth in population of the Sunshine coast Community, of which Palmview is an example.

One only has to study the Curriculum of Palmview SSC and the Structure and infrastructure of this College, to appreciate that there has been an enormous degree of planning , to ensure that this newest college in our Sunshine coast, is in alignment with the best that State education has to offer to its students. Barry as Foundation Principal, is the lynchpin of this whole development,

The school policy is designed in collaboration an consultation  with the school , staff and wider school community and within this context students are encouraged to be passionate in pursuing their personal best and teachers are encouraged under Barry’s stewardship to help all students “achieve their potential no matter what it takes.”

Barry’s vision for his school mirrors his belief in creating a dynamic school in which equity inclusivity and respect for all, ensures that the learning is delivered to each student with meaning purpose and success.

Here's Barry with Ray and Joy..


Young Parents setback - are we up for it?

Regrettably Mooloolaba Rotary cannot help with creating a shade play area for the Young Parents program. Nevertheless we push on and a certain scribe has put the word out together with our very own Mark Dafdge, to see what other support we can gather for this activity. Naomi is super keen to get started on wall murals for the kids, Wendy has her paint brushes ready to go, and all we need is some financial help with the floor and play materials and we can get to work. So if you want to help John and Mark with drumming up interest, here's what we need...

Ply boards on fence for mural (30m2)                        

Undercoat paint (16L)                                

Blue matt paint for sea mural by Naomi’s ocean art (20L)                 

Blackboard paint (6L)                              

Kids Benches (4)                              

Kids seats (20)                                

Storage boxes for kids toys (2)                  

Softplay (60M2) very pavers/ glued to concrete floor               

Conference News Brisbane & Melbourne

Two Rotary conferences coming up. Brisbane is the location for the District Conference, and Melbourne fo rthe International Conference. 
Rotary District 9620
Book here...CLICK

Rotary International 

27th - 31st May 
Represent Australia at Rotary’s biggest event of the year!
The Rotary International Convention is the biggest event of the year and it’s coming to us in Australia, 27-31 May. Thousands of Rotary members and Rotaractors from across the globe will be arriving in Melbourne, giving us a tremendous opportunity to welcome, network and learn from fellow people of action

T shirts giveaway at next meeting 

At next weeks meeting you will notice a table full of T shirts at giveaway prices. First come best dressed. Some magnificent Surf Show and Shine one's too..

Meeting decision time 

Have you emailed Skye with your thoughts on retaining the Wednesday meeting time, or reverting back to Fridays? Please email our President with your thoughts as we need to make a decision by end of March. There's also an idea we revert to fortnightly meetings, or alternatively guest speaker every fortnight ...let Skye know what do you think before our next meeting. 

Rainbow House ...who knew?

For many years a certain Sunshine Coast citizen of the year and very average golfer, Dave has been supporting the Rainbow House in Zambia, not far from where a certain scribe worked for several years in the 70's and a certain Anisha entered the world around teh same time. Small world indeed. Anyway here's an update from Rotary's RDU magazine FYI
Women in Rotary," making a difference " through action 

International Women's Day 

Who knew? On International Women's Day we found out a couple of things. (i) That Alex Rotary became the home of Rotarians who resigned from another Rotary club in protest against them refusing membership to women and (ii) there's also an international mens day. 
So on Wednesday President Skye reminded us that we have a female Rotary International President and women are playing a much larger role in Rotary, and in our little patch of teh world Alex Rotary doing our bit and  fast approaching 50% female membership. who - hoo. On that note, we welcome new corporate member Tanya Frazer from IFYS. 
A certain scribe couldn't let International Women's Day pass without noting that Rotary founder, Pau Harris, married hi Scottish bride in early 1900's and in a very romantic gesture, built a home for her and named in Comely Bank after Jeanne's home district in Edinburgh. 
Chairman Bob and President Skye in relaxed mode. 
Women in Rotary started as  Melbourne initiative, but as you can see from their website have gone international with many countries now part of the program ..
..and from an earlier edition of  Rotary Down Under ...

Homelessness on the coast: A Noosa Daybreak Project  makes a difference and gets a thank you from The Salvo's

From the latest Noosa Daybreak newsletter....well done folks...

The Salvation Army Homeless Fund Project Update;


February news;

A homeless couple, had been sleeping in parks and under bridges in the Sunshine Coast area. Whilst sleeping under a bridge, they got bitten by spiders and a snake, and the couple faced a range of vulnerabilities. The Department of Housing granted temporary emergency hotel accommodation, but this didn’t last for long, and ‘they no longer met the eligibility for this program’.

The Salvation Army Homeless First Response Team stepped in; the couple were granted urgent accommodation, for a week of respite and safe haven, to allow them to connect with various agencies, and apply for private rental accommodation, ie to self-fund hotel accommodation from their next payday.

This couple are extremely grateful for our help! Their health has dramatically improved with short-term, stable accommodation. Plus, they gained quality time with their daughters in a safe environment, and time to plan the next steps in their lives and avoid the risk of sleeping rough again.

“Thank you Noosa Daybreak Rotary, for bringing hope to this situation!” Matt G (Salvation Army)


Turkey earthquake - The media has moved on but Rotary keeps giving 

Regular readers will recall that your club made a donation to Shelterbox to provide temporary accommodation to folks affected by the Turkey earthquake. Here's an update. 

Imagine fleeing a war zone only to be hit again by an earthquake. That’s what happened on 6 February 2023 when a series of powerful earthquakes ravaged northern Syria and Türkiye (formerly Turkey).
The region where the earthquakes struck is home to significant numbers of Syrian refugees and internally displaced people.

In northwest Syria many buildings were already damaged by years of civil war, and that’s where some of the worst damage has been reported.
17th February 2023; Crucial supplies from the international disaster relief charity ShelterBox have arrived in Türkiye and Syria to help people affected by the devastating earthquakes that have claimed more than 40,000 lives across the two countries.

“Our tents have arrived in Türkiye on free flights by Turkish Airlines from Panama – where we had stock pre-positioned. We strategically pre-position aid all over the world to help get crucial supplies to disaster

affected communities as quickly as we can.
“A truck of aid, carrying thermal blankets has crossed the border into Syria and has reached our local partner, Bahar, who will be distributing our aid. We’re expecting more trucks of our aid to arrive in northern Syria in the coming days and weeks, containing more vital supplies.”


Club Fundraising 

A valiant attempt by member Steve to get a Car Boot Sale project up has hit a bit of a setback, so its on teh back burner till end of year. Meanwhile we're pushing along with the Solstice Swim preparations, and will soon have the online registration desk up and running and be looking for sponsors and volunteers for the fundraising through sponsors, prize donations, etc. A certain scribe has been busy with event and grant applications, so fingers crossed for a positive outcome. 
Also we've been honing on on where we can really make a difference in saving preventable deaths, and learn to swim and community education around suf awareness and being safe in the water will feature strongly as our beneficiaries of the swim. Meanwhile here are a few pics to whet your appetite...
This classic photo epitomises what the swim is all about. This lady has just driven up from NSW to take part in the swim and her mate was there to get her out of the water and across the finish line...Missing part of my leg? problem!!. What a woman.
We'll also be having a Zumba community and swimmer show and warm up with a stage at Buhk park. Here's an earlier one with our mate Gary as cheerleader.
.the start does get a bit serious....nobody wants to be last...

Pride of Workmanship 


It's getting close, and we have an amazing line of of employees...

Controversy Corner

Weaponising words, stifling thought, and social media

You know why people love babies and dogs?......because they can't talk.
There's a lot to be said for silence. But communication is important and this weeks vent is about the deteriorating quality of communication in our daily lives.
Two certain golfers were bemoaning society's ability to communicate and engage in serious thought this week, so here's a few thoughts..on the state of communication, and,  lets say straight away that communication is not todays 20 second social media bite that barely passes for intelligent thought. 
So let's start at Canberra, and the lack of serious debate about our communities. First problem is that we have the fewest number of sitting days in the western world. 67 days average per year, so no time there for serious discourse.  
When they do sit what could be serious public debate becomes the theatre of the Question time, with "Gotcha moments" as if serious discussion is now replaced as a sort of sports game. Maybe they are getting better at crystallising their thoughts and need less time...but NO. 
Any attempt at debate and thinking is immediately destroyed as we see discussion framed in such a way that outcomes are determined by the questions.
This framing of discussions before they start appeals to our natural instinct to seek shortcuts to understanding and problem solving, and avoid thinking. Its dangerous and pervading.
So many examples on how the community is being misled by this deliberate framing to achieve predetermined outcomes.
Words have become weaponised, and for the most part it passes unknowingly past us. "Accountability" is now shuffled off as "blame game", genuine refugees as "queue jumpers", "academics" as "bleeding hearts" , bare faced lies as "alternative facts", respect for others becomes "woke" or "political correctness", community contributions becomes "taxes" "research" is "looked it up on Facebook", and worse.
Then how does the media report this?
Saunders identified a long time ago that the person with the megaphone can destroy sensible thought and discussion at any dinner party. So don't get me started about the quality of the "media megaphones" know who they are. 
Vent over. 
Let the editor know if you have a particular vent?.

Strong words indeed

"I had no money growing up. My dad was a labourer and mum did everything to make ends meet.
Men worked hard.
Women worked miracles.
But education was free. As was the local library. I know books were a passport to a better life. Happy #World Book Day"
"Two things will change your life (i) People you meet and (ii) books you read"
also what two things do you need for true happiness??
(i) a crystal ball to see the future 
(ii) a magic wand to change it.

Some comic observations on human behaviour


and some Dads jokes......

  • Don't go bacon my heart. I couldn't if I fried. (Elton John)
  • What happened to the guy who sued over his missing luggage? A: He lost his case.
  • How did you get hit on the head with a book? Sal: I only have my shelf to blame.
  • I'm a big fan of whiteboards. I find them quite re-markable.
  • What do you call a thieving alligator? A Crookodile
  • Q: What do you call a lazy kangaroo? A: A pouch potato
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