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"Another year older and a new one just begun" (John Lennon)

So 2021 is over and before we get into our aspirational new year resolutions, its worth having a look back at the year that was. So here's a few things from the clubs year for those of you who (like a certain scribe) have trouble remembering last week, never mind last year. sad
  • 100 years of Rotary in Australia passed without a permanent reminder on the coast, despite the best efforts of the club to put a monument for all Sunshine Coast Rotary clubs past and present (.....close Stevo..... but no cigar!) but it did eventuate in support for USC students, and we continued with our support of the USC community fund and their amazing students through the Cluster program. We also hosted a 100th Rotary anniversary gala dinner at the Maroochy RSL (pre COVID) which seems such a long time ago. Here's some of the gang..
  • Club membership boomed during the year between new members joining the Alex Rotary fold, and the very welcome addition of the satellite club. It was also great to see the new members and friends bringing their ideas and projects with them to the club which is always something that Alex rotary will support. More recently Joy organised some ipads for indigenous learning programs and Skye has put out feelers for a youth project with Care Outreach for 2022.
  • Mid year saw the club help out... and eventually take over the Mooloolaba High School mock interview program support from Maroochydore Rotary. We were also delighted to help out the Maroochydore Rotary club with the organising of the Australian Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians before they wound up. 
  • The club's Winter Solstice swim was the BIGGEST ever this year, with an amazing photo finish after the 5km swim by two budding olympians. We also strengthened our relationship with the Alex surf club (always a great community supporter), and also supported our "SalTy Souls Legacy" project support. All in all the club raised over $30,000 towards the new SalTy Souls Legacy HQ from the swim, and grants on a like for like basis. 
  • We also strengthened our relationship with The Board Meeting surf charity group by helping out at "Casey's yard" and a few amazing helpers also arrived. Great work Mark and team.
  • Mid year the club also received Sunshine Coast Community Award for best small community club, at their gala dinner. (What another gala dinner!)
  • Social events were also not forgotten despite the pandemic, so what were these folks queuing up for?
..not forgetting Christmas drinks at the Freeman's...and the new catch up coffee initiative..
  • The Surf Show and Shine was a bit different this year with the event being held at Alex SLSC car park and Buhk park for the first time. 
  • Meanwhile our Youth program wasn't the usual year, with no Youth Exchange Program but Saara and Chloe got a bit of a helping hand from the club..
  • Also our international obligations via Donations in Kind were not forgotten as a few of our members tracked down to South Brisbane to help out with the distribution of community aid to the islands.
  • Mental Health was a big theme for the year, and as well as having some excellent speakers on the subject we also kept up our close relationship with our mates at Mooloolaba Rotary through the "Lift the Lid" or also known to us old timers as the "Walk for Mental Health. Here's our hard working honorary member Fiona ..
  • Towards the end of the year we were delighted to help the Alex Community Association with their Christmas at Alex celebrations. 
Thats all folks !!...see you in 2022...

Shannanigins in the 60's...can you help?

A certain scribe has received this photo in the mail.
"I feel we should be a bit worried.
Sunshine Coast Library are trying to place names to persons in photos but no one appears to be coming forward to name themselves publicly.
This is a local combined services club ball and I notice that in the middle of the back row is definitely a Rotarian with a President’s Chain – hmmm.
Maybe you could include in a weekly newsletter to jog any of our more senior member’ memories if they participated or knew participants.
Men dressed as women, could never happen or just a lack of female members?"
Obviously I can't remember last week...but I've got to say that the chap on the front row left hand side looks awfully like Tony Abott...but I am not sure who is dance partner is...looks a good sort though ??

2020 Club Christmas party

A BIG thanks to Marilyn and Tony for hosting the club Christmas party on Friday night. It was a lovely evening, with some surprise guests and don't some of our members crib up well!
The beautiful Shannon with mine host Tony. 
The South African contingent took this snap..with a springbok photobomber 
Michelle's pretty good at taking selfies...
Fiona, Mike and Lesley (where are the sherbets? ..under the table?)
Side note...our mate Dave W graciously donated a painting of his favourite monarch to Fiona's office. She's ecstatic. (The monarch..... not Fiona 😃)
Dave, celebrating the dispatch of painting with a glass of vino collapso ....and new mum Kate, and friends. 
Bob, Trudi and Di. Love the shirt Bob. 
Great to see John and Lol W at the party ....wow...tartan tablecloths (? ) a special treat for a certain scribe (?)
Grandfather Phillip with Charmaine and the amazing Freeman folks who put on the spread. 👏

Containers are here 

We've placed the containers at the THRIVE centre (thanks Noel & Mal) and in the New Year we'll be starting on shaping the new centre, to Kerry %& Tamara's specification. Meanwhile a BIG thanks to Joe Natoli and District for their contributions to the project. So soon Kerry & family will have their garage back and can start to think about New Year plans. 
We've hit a few snags on the way, which always makes things interesting, so stay tuned to find out how you can help..

A Tres chic Fashion show at Blue illusions to fundraise to support Education and enhance Learning Outcomes in a Fun and meaningful way.

The Rotary Club of Alexandra Headland had a successful Fundraising Fashion show at Blue Illusions last Saturday by Fundraising for two iPads for some students at Papunya Indigenous  School in the NT.  The support of some Rotary members including two gentlemen from our club and their partners, along with representatives of the community, made for a entertaining  afternoon. 

Chris the manager of Blue illusions, regaled all by her professional knowledge of the designs and history of each of each garment. The models represented the different age groups who could wear the Styles.

It was a very personal friendly event, when friends and fellow Rotarians did their best to make the models feel at ease. It was like having best friends over for cocktails and nibblies in ones own home.

Everyone enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of an afternoon in a Shop that highlighted an afternoon on the Champs Elesse perhaps , sipping Champagne and surrounded by beautiful fabrics and silk garments- watching the models showcase the fashions designed in Paris.

After the fashion show the rush was on to purchase the garments.   A number of credit cards got a good work out. Apparently it was one of the best fashion sales in a long while.

We were out in 3 hours. However our show was booked for another two hours, so Chris intimated that the sales that came to their shop within the last two hours could be accredited to us. Hopefully. We also have been promised a further discount of 15% from a friend who works in America at Apple. We may be able to purchase two new Apple ipads what with sizeable donations and discounts.

The use of Technology that is inherent in Apple’s new iPads will utilize the Bitsboard , that provides Interactive activities, that will allow students to explore the rich environment, that is a feature of this beautiful part of the world. Students will conduct studies of the plants and birds and wildlife that surround their school. They will be able to document their learning outside the classroom. 

The students will utilize Apple’s Photographic component within the iPad to capture the true colours  and hues of the environment in which the students live.

 Students will study the tracks of animals and record their characteristic behaviours.

The ipads will facilitate students having a video record of engaging with Elders and Local rangers, who hold precious cultural knowledge.  These interviews  are important for documenting the history of their ancestors. They will also utilize this technology to capture the local Luritija language . This Interactive process of preserving the language of this area, will strengthen students sense of identity and self -worth and assist in the development of literacy and numeracy skills throughout all areas of the curriculum.

In providing two iPads for students at a remote Indigenous school, then we are also supporting one of Rotary foundations Areas of Focus and that is to ensure that children have access to quality basic education and literacy.

Our intrepid reporter Joy 


Smart pups steal the show

Miss Daisy stole the show at Friday's meeting, a super smart ambassador dog for Smart Pups Assistance Dogs for Special needs children, with her best mate Robi.
Club members might recall Robi as a regular Kombi van supporter of our Surf Show and Shine event.  
While dogs and babies cannot talk (and that's why they are considered so cute and adorable !!) we were found out that Miss Daisy had just completed writing another fund-raising book with illustrations by Frankie. What a clever girl.

Christmas and mental health

Given that two thirds of GP visits are concerned with mental health, and you can feel the stress rising as we head into the festive season, here's the top 10 mental health tips courtesy of a certain scribe;
1. Stay connected with people
2. Create a daily routine
3. Exercise regularly
4. Spend time in nature
5. Eat healthy
6. Do something you enjoy every day
7. Limit media consumption
8. Prioritise sleep
9. Be kind to yourself
10. Seek help 

2021 Surf Show and Shine over for another year

So many good stories about this years Surf Show and Shine. A big thank you to our wonderful Kombis who took part in the Kombi Parade on Saturday night, where for an hour the Kombis paraded around Alex, Mooloolaba, Kawana, Maroochydore and Cotton Tree. 
A special bonus was that this year the Sunset markets were on at Mooloolaba and the folks at the market were treated to an amazing display of Kombis past the markets. Here's Dean and Cricks Volkswagen van leading the parade through the Mooloolaba sunset markets..
Then on early Sunday the folks at East Coast Traffic services had the car park all ready to receive and show off the Kombis. Here's a little pug getting into the spirit of Surf Show and Shine
This was our 6th show the club has put on and in that time had a load of fun, and brought some smiles to the community and our amazing beneficieries who do so much for the Sunshine folks who are "doing it tough" all year round. We were delighted to see Bill and Melissa Close from Care Outreach who have been with the Show since the start. Here's a walk around video on the morning set up on Facebook for you..
We had some amazing trophies (courtesy of Shannon) for our People's choice and Kombi of the Year. Deano from Cricks and Ashley from the Alex SLSC did the honours..
Music was provided by Nana's Pie Band and Artis displays by Owen Cavanagh, Terry Cooper,  Amanda Davidson, Deb Baker, Julie Chizzoni, Naomi Pettenuzzo, Owen Cavanagh,  Suzanne Riley...some fantastic displays, as also from Ross Wilson Surfboards who has signed up to be a regular at future Surf Show and Shine events.  
Big thanks to everyone who have helped out with the raffle prizes, musicians, artists, and event etc. etc. and a special BIG THANKYOU to East Coast Traffic who were amazing..BIG shout out to Ian aka "Smurfy" and his team who were there at the start and last to leave.

Sue brings in some of the clubs history 

In 2013 the club president was our very own Sue Quinn, ably assisted by secretary Carmel Hulett. On Friday Sue brought in a printed copy of the year in review. All 52 pages of it, one newsletter for every week. (Sue is very professional.) That year the club received the Rotary International Presidential Citation. Well done the club. What else was the club up to, turns out the usual Bunnings BBQ, trying to get a President Elect, (nothing new there) and doing some great work with the Coast Guard, November moustache fund-raising, some very fetching photo's of a young Alan Walter and Bob Thompson and lots of community support and guest speakers. 

Dave - a man of many hats - on the history and importance of the Helicopter rescue service

Past senior citizen of the year on the Sunshine Coast David Woodrow spoke to the club on Friday about the Helicopter service history on the Sunshine Coast. This is a great example of a Rotary initiative taking root, and is now pretty much regarded as an essential service, albeit one that still requires community fundraising to exist. 
What Dave didn't mention was that over the years Dave has personally raised several hundred thousand dollars for the rescue service as well as being a leading light in the Emergency Services. His reward - knowing that he has "made a difference" - and a set of caps showing each time the helicopter rescue had a main sponsor change.
Well done Dave, your a champion.  
Local Rotarians have continued their fantastic work on the Rotary Care garden and over the past few weeks have been improving the IFYS child care facilities in Maroochydore. Some pictures below, and a big thank you from Vicky Meyer and her team for the smiles that we have been able to add o the mums and kids who now have a completely refurbished play area.
So well done everyone involved from Alex and Mooloolaba Rotary and really fantastic to hand over the facility just in time from Christmas.


"Fantastic work, what a difference. It was lovely to hear from Renee and Sheree, who coordinates the program, the reactions from the children to the cubby upgrades, can’t wait for them to see these latest enhancements! 
Thank you so much for all your support."
Vicky Meyer
Executive Manager 
Community Services IFYS

Renee puts in a plug for WorkLife for kids

Recently a certain scribe received this lovely text from an amazing woman in Tasmania who works with the youth in Hobart, mostly females who are struggling with accommodation and getting and keeping work. So our amazing Renee suggested that the WorkLife program may be something that they could use, and engage a local Rotary club to help. 
We have clubs in NSW and Victoria who have taken up the program as part of their vocational planning, as well as interest after the RDU article from as far away as Alaska! 
Here's Louise's text..
"Hi, I have recently been chatting with Renee from IYFS on the sunshine coast and she has talked about this amazing program. I am just wondering if there is any capacity to run this in our two youth shelters in Hobart? Its such a fantastic initiative! You can contact me on XXXXXXXX. Kind regards, Louise"
So your club secretary has followed up and been in touch with the District Governor in Hobart and we'll see what develops...and just a reminder that the links to the WorkLife resources are available HERE.
At Rotary we want to have fun while "making a difference" to our communities, locally and internationally.
However, we're a "can do" organisation..and if you have a cause or program that you want some help with, why not get in touch and we'll see what we can do?
The events that we run and support allow the club to raise money to support some of the many good causes in the community. All of Rotary donations and fund raising go to the community. All Rotarians are volunteers and give freely of their time. Club expenses are kept to a minimum, and the main Rotary Foundation is one of the top 5 Charities in the world in terms of its effectiveness, with the administration costs far, far, lower than many better known charities. 
  • Surf Show and Shine - Celebrating the Coast while helping the outback. We always need volunteers to help run this annual community event.
  • SunnyCoast Solstice Swim - Supporting our Young Veterans and other Rotarian community causes. It's getting bigger every year. 
  • Worklife Program - Rotarians are generally business people who are passionate about giving back. So its only natural that when they see businesses complain that the young are not "work ready", and they see overloaded school curriculums, and stressed out kids going into the workforce that they want to help. So Alex Rotary has been delivering and promoting a program to help first time workers transition to work, in a practical and positive way. Already we've been to high schools on the Sunshine Coast , Rotaract at USC and IFYS community worker work start programs. 
  • Golf Day - Last year we hosted a charity golf day to raise funds for Sunshine Coast helicopter rescue - an initiative started by Rotary here on the Sunshine Coast. 
  • Christmas at Alex - Every year we host a BBQ at Christmas at Alex, to raise funds for our local battlers at Christmas.
  • Christmas Hampers - Last year we gave 400 hampers to the Carers of Children to give a helping hand over Christmas
  • Mooloolaba Triathalon - we're delighted to help the organisers host this event that attracts thousands to the coast
  • Mooloolaba Ironman - For many years Rotarians have managed the gear tent for this great event
  • Clean Up Australia Day - every year we organise a BBQ for our volunteers who help clean up the coastline around beautiful Alexandra Headland
The club offers students a transitioning to work a program on how to succeed and to be happy at Work. This is available in coffee - table book form or by presentations from the members by arrangement. We strongly believe that the youth and schools, universities of today will benefit from the practical support and mentorship of employers and employees. If you wish to receive the book, please click HERE or if you are interested in organising a course for your school, please contact the club through the home page address, RCAHsecretary@gmail.com and we'll take it from there. 
Helping our Surf Show and Shine beneficiaries
At Alex Rotary we act local to make a difference. While we support all sorts of causes, we particularly want to help local volunteers who may not have access to the big funding that is available from governments and the like.
We think that's more effective for a small club like ours, for 2 reasons:
1.  Most important, these local volunteers need to know that they are valued. They need to know that they are appreciated and not alone. Their efforts are amazing, and can be relentless and exhausting. We want to help.
2. Its more effective. The funds go directly to the volunteers running the cause, and they decide how to best use the funds. 
So it you can help our beneficiaries from the Surf Show and Shine please go to these links.
Alex Rotary WorkLife Coaching Program 
Rotary helping you transition to work
Here is a link to the complete WorkLife booklet developed by Alex Rotary as a mentoring guide to anyone starting work for the first time. (Also not a bad read for anyone going back into the workforce who would like a bit of inspiration and advice. 
We've also found that local businesses use it as a friendly support for their employees to help discussions along on the importance of work, (and how to be happy at work while making the boss happy!!)
Rotary Walk near you
Club Executives & Directors
President Elect
Immediate Past President
The Rotary Foundation
New Generations Director
What is Rotary? It may not be what you think..
Thank you to our great Surf Show and Shine Sponsors
Club blue Card application
Your blue card requires updating annually. There is no cost, and here is an application form preloaded with club information that you can use.
Alex Rotary Fees
What does Rotary cost? Our full members pay $150 every 6 months to support Rotary International (RI) causes. The only other cost is club breakfast, which can cost between $5 - $12 at the Alex Surf Club. 
In return you get to hear great speakers, meet like minded good citizens, find out what's going on around the world and local communities. By being part of a Rotary club you get involved in community and youth projects, some of them fundraising. Proceeds from fundraising are donated to  community causes suggested by the members. Some years we have donated  >$25,000 to local community. 
Friends of Alex, who are basically folks who volunteer to help out or attend very occasional Rotary meetings, pay $20 pa.
On joining, there will be a one-off cost for a personalised club shirt and badge. 
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Rotary Trivia Champions - AGAIN

Alex Rotary - Trivia Quiz champions

Here's our group celebrating their win, with our exchange student Amy, who is basking in the reflected glory of the winners. smiley
Alex Rotary are the current ROMAC trivia champions, having successfully won the trophy from hundreds (really) of Rotarians at a Fund Raising event hosted by Caloundra Rotary every year to raise funds for this fantastic medical charity.
This is the second year that we've won this highly regarded trophy. This year we had to win without three of last years brain boxes, Graeme, Doug and Dave W, but they were ably replaced by Verna, Professor Bob, and President Mike. 
ROMAC is an organisation of Rotarians and supporters from the medical profession, who give freely of their time and expertise to help the Pacific Island community.
You've probably seen some of the examples of facial reconstruction, and limb correction that these great volunteers do. The recent separation of the Siamese twins is the type of extensive surgery that the Rotarians who make up the ROMAC team do around the area. Tony recently showed a ROMAC project where a young boy from the surrounding islands was able to stand on his own two feet for the first time after radical surgery to align his feet. Well done ROMAC, truly making a difference to people's lives.
We're delighted to support ROMAC and a big thank you to Bryan Mason and his helpers for organising an event, which this year raised $20,000 to support those volunteer medico's with the great work they do around our region. 
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We get involved in Rotary / Community programs all over the Sunny Coast.
Rotary Events are open to everyone 



Rotary Events

We're always looking for volunteers to help with Community events that Rotary supports. 
So if you are interested in any of the events below, or perhaps you want to let Rotary know of an event not listed, please contact the secretary of the main or satellite club. We'd love to hear from you.
Go directly to event opportunities HERE
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Why don't ants get sick?

Because they have antibodies!

Books to change you 

Good reads

Two things will change your life. "People you meet and books you read". 
Here are some recommended reading by a certain scribe;
Rotary has spent millions eradicating Polio. Here is a novel about a gym teacher in USA in 1944 and a how a polio pandemic affects him. Brilliant bestselling novel. Nemesis by Phillip Roth
Henry Kissinger once said that there is a  "thin veneer of civilisation"...was he right?. Read "Human Kind" by Rutger Bregman. It will surprise you. 
What makes us who we are? Read the stories in New York Times bestseller "The road to character" by Richard Brookes. You might recognise yourself. 
Make a difference - Donate 
Rotary is run by volunteers and Rotary is always in the top 5 most effective charities in the world.
You can be sure that your dollars go to where they are needed. 
Rotary Leader
Rotary / Toastmasters learning center
Want to develop and give better talks? Its all HERE
Honorary Members

Club Honorary Members

Fiona Simpson MP for Maroochydore

Fiona is our hardworking local Member for Maroochydore who has a track record of delivering for the Sunshine Coast region and a reputation for passionately advocating for her local community.  After the 2017 State Election, Fiona was appointed as the Shadow Minister for Employment and Small Business, Training and Skills Development in the Deb Frecklington and Tim Mander LNP Team.

Fiona grew up on the Sunshine Coast and went to local schools.  She understands the pressures faced by local families and business owners and wants people to have the same opportunity to live, work and raise their families here while cherishing our region’s natural beauty.

Fiona has a long history with Rotary, as a Youth Exchange Student, and always being a great supporter of her electorate's Rotary Clubs and other voluntary organisations. 

Ashley Robinson OAM, is our most recent Honorary member, and has been involved in numerous community support activities, locally, regionally and internationally. The Alex Rotary Club meets at the Alex Surf Club where Ashley is the General Manager and oversees the many Surf Club activities that add to the health and well being of our Sunshine Coast community. 


Change your community with us by volunteering on a local project.


We work with groups and organizations of all sizes to accomplish even more.


Discover and celebrate diverse perspectives with a global organization.
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